FSP launches a series of DIN Rail Products, with the mainstream power wattages


<April 2019, Mönchengladbach> FSP launches a series of DIN Rail Products (under the brand name - Fortron Source), with the mainstream power wattages - 40W, 60W, 90W and 120W, equipped with 3 different kinds of output voltage +12V, +24V and +48V respectively.

FSP offers robust DIN Rail products with the great benefits of high quality metal case, OVC (Overvoltage Category) II-rating, 61010-compliant design and wide range operating temperature. IEC61010 is more stringent than 60950/62368 norm, and has significant advantages in the safety of power supply in the industrial environment.

To fulfill the dramatically growing demand of industrial control devices, automated manufacturing, transportation, IoT/IIoT, Edge Computing and advanced Surveillance System, FSP provides you with the optimal DIN Rail power solution.


Feature highlights: 

• High Quality Metal Case
• Universal AC Input / Full Range
• Compact Design, Width 32mm
• DIN Rail TS 35 x 7.5 or 15 suitable
• 12V/24V/48V with 40W~120W Output
• Voltage Adjustable
• Low Ripple/Noise
• High Efficiency with Active PFC*
• Working Temp.: -25°C ~ 70°C
• Meet OVC II Standard
• Meet IEC 61010-1 Standard
• 3 years warranty
• Global Safety Certificates


• Logistics System
• Industrial Manufacturing
• Transportation
• Energy Plant
• Smart Building


For further product information, please contact our local sales team.


For more product information, please visit :
FSP Group' s official website at : www.fsp-group.com
FSP Germany website at : www.fsp-ps.de
FSP Group Brand Product website at : www.FSPLifestyle.com
FSP Blog : blog.fsp-group.com
Facebook : www.facebook.com/FSP.global
LinkedIn : www.linkedin.com/company/1842554
YouTube : www.youtube.com/user/PowerNeverEnds



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