FSP launches a series of DIN Rail Products, with the mainstream power wattages


<April 2019, Mönchengladbach> FSP launches a series of DIN Rail Products (under the brand name - Fortron Source), with the mainstream power wattages - 40W, 60W, 90W and 120W, equipped with 3 different kinds of output voltage +12V, +24V and +48V respectively.

FSP offers robust DIN Rail products with the great benefits of high quality metal case, OVC (Overvoltage Category) II-rating, 61010-compliant design and wide range operating temperature. IEC61010 is more stringent than 60950/62368 norm, and has significant advantages in the safety of power supply in the industrial environment.

To fulfill the dramatically growing demand of industrial control devices, automated manufacturing, transportation, IoT/IIoT, Edge Computing and advanced Surveillance System, FSP provides you with the optimal DIN Rail power solution.


Feature highlights: 

• High Quality Metal Case
• Universal AC Input / Full Range
• Compact Design, Width 32mm
• DIN Rail TS 35 x 7.5 or 15 suitable
• 12V/24V/48V with 40W~120W Output
• Voltage Adjustable
• Low Ripple/Noise
• High Efficiency with Active PFC*
• Working Temp.: -25°C ~ 70°C
• Meet OVC II Standard
• Meet IEC 61010-1 Standard
• 3 years warranty
• Global Safety Certificates


• Logistics System
• Industrial Manufacturing
• Transportation
• Energy Plant
• Smart Building


For further product information, please contact our local sales team.


For more product information, please visit :
FSP Group' s official website at : www.fsp-group.com
FSP Germany website at : www.fsp-ps.de
FSP Group Brand Product website at : www.FSPLifestyle.com
FSP Blog : blog.fsp-group.com
Facebook : www.facebook.com/FSP.global
LinkedIn : www.linkedin.com/company/1842554
YouTube : www.youtube.com/user/PowerNeverEnds



About FSP

FSP Group is one of the global leading power supply manufacturer. Since 1993, FSP Group has followed the management conception “service, profession, and innovation” to fulfill its responsibilities as a green energy resolution supplier.

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