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What is a PD charger?

A fast charger featuring PD technology

Currently, two mainstream fast-charging technologies are on the market: the first is QC (Quick Charge), and the other is the more recent PD (Power Delivery Charger). PD chargers are one of the fast-charging protocols released by the USB-IF that are aimed to provide a more efficient charging technology than traditional charging methods.The new generation of PD chargers can use the PPS feature to perfectly integrate QC and satisfy the need for fast charging. In addition to supporting a variety of output voltages and currents, PD chargers also support 3C devices such as mobile phones, cameras, and laptops as the usage scope becomes more and more extensive.

What are the advantages of a PD charger?

One device that meets the charging needs of multiple devices

Various devices require independent chargers, which are inconvenient to carry and not eco-friendly. In view of this, the USB-IF launched the USB PD 3.1 to provide a unified charging protocol. As long as a PD charger is used, it can support charging for all devices with Type-C ports while matching the voltages and currents of each product. In addition, the PD charger has advantages such as fast-charging and automatic adjustment of charging speeds to maximize the battery’s service life, making PD chargers safe, fast and convenient, and a better choice for charging.

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Fast Charging

USB PD featured fast charging capability. Through the high-power chargers within a safe load mode, the charging efficiency will be increased to shorten the charging time of your devices.

Automatic Detection

When the device and the charger are connected, the USB PD will automatically detect and provide the adequate voltage and current to ensure the device will not be damaged during charging.

Extensive Support

Any device with a Type-C interface and supporting USB PD fast charging can use a USB PD charger to meet various charging needs.

How do I choose a PD Charger

Three Points of Consideration for choosing a PD charger

Choosing a brand with a good reputation is the first thing to do. Products launched by reputable brands are used and tested by many people, and the quality of those products is somewhat guaranteed. These brands also provide users with comprehensive after-sales services so they won’t have to worry about damaged products or warranty issues. In addition, the output power is also very important as some electronic devices have certain specifications that need to be checked before making the purchase. Finally, further review the price and size of the PD charger to ensure that it’s within the budget. After making sure that all of the conditions have been met, you have now selected a suitable PD charger!

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What are the differences between PD, QC, and Standard?

A PD Charger has multiple advantages

The fast-charging products currently on the market are primarily based around PD and QC, and their differences in charging specifications make the user experience very different. The following table will help you quickly understand the differences between these products.

Item Power Delivery (PD) Quick Charge (QC) Standard Charging
Power 10W - 100W 10W - 100W 5W - 10W
Supported Electronic Devices More Only supports mobile phones Less
Estimated time to fully charge a mobile phone 30 - 60 minutes 30 - 60 minutes 2 - 3 hours
Estimated time to fully charge a tablet 1 - 2 hours 2 - 3 hours 3 - 4 hours
Charging Protocol USB-C with PD protocol USB-A with QC protocol No protocols

FSP’s PD Chargers

They are in line with the international safety requirements and stability of use

A stable charger not only has a long service life, but also protects corresponding computers, communications, consumer products and electrical devices, thereby ensuring environmental safety for its users. All FSP’s charging products have obtained international mainstream safety certifications and IEC62368 safety standard certification. Our products are in compliance with the Energy Information Administration (EIA) Level VI and EU CoC Tier 2 highest energy efficiency grade. We provide a wide variety of standards and customized specifications to meet all the customers’ terminal equipment needs.


  • 65W AC to DC USB type-C PD wall mounted type power supply
  • Approved with IEC 62368-1 Ed. 3.0 & global safety certifications
  • Approved with EN55032 and CISPR 32/FCC part 15 Class B


  • 180W AC to DC USB type-C PD desktop type power supply
  • Approved with IEC 62368-1 Ed. 3.0 & global safety certifications
  • Approved with EN55032 and CISPR 32/FCC part 15 Class B


  • 65W AC to DC USB type-C PD wall mounted type power supply
  • Approved with IEC 62368-1 Ed. 3.0 & global safety certifications
  • Interchangeable AC plug (EU/US/UK/AUS AC plug)

Coming Soon: The 240W PD Charger!

Get ready for our upcoming 240W PD Charger with ITE approval and 65W PD Charger with Medical Class I approval. Stay tuned for more details!

The Most Comprehensive Wattage on the Market

Has the most comprehensive PD Charger product line, providing a variety of standard products and customized specifications

Complies with International Safety Regulations

The product conforms to the main global safety certifications and IEC62368 safety standard, ensuring that users can feel safe when using it

Various Plug Specifications for Multiple Options

Foldable and interchangeable plugs are available to meet various charging requirements

Excellent Stability Resistant to High Ambient Temperatures

The product uses high-quality components to ensure that it can still output power at full capacity at an ambient temperature of 40°C

PD Charger

Application Example

  • For educational laptops: 30W to 45W efficient chargers
Recommend Products

  • For gaming laptops: 140W to 240W strong chargers
Recommend Products

  • Packet size for portable device
  • Support quick charge mode
  • Available with wall mount or desktop type
Recommend Products 45W
Foldable US plug


Interchangeable plug


  • Packet size for portable device
  • Support quick charge mode
  • Foldable US Plug
Recommend Products 45W
Interchangeable plug


  • Comprehensive product line
  • Fast charging
  • Wall mount, interchangeable plug, or desktop version are available
Recommend Products 45W
Foldable US plug


Interchangeable multi-national plugs


Desktop Type


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